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      Miss Chetwynde, he said,we have known each other a very little while; how many times is it that we have met?

      She led the horse close to a fallen tree, and held out her hand to him.Oh, it was nothing much, he said. A brute of a fellow was ill-treating a dog. He seemed to think that because it belonged to him, he had a right to knock it about. I didnt agree with him, and we came to words, and then to blows. His pals took his part, and seeing I was not going to have a fair fight, I made a bolt for it. He wont be able to knock that dog about for a week or two, he added, simply.

      Susan was exuberant in her delight.


      He looked round the group and selected six men by name.


      He clasped her in his arms, and hid her face upon his breast, as iffearing that he might have wounded her by those last wordshe wanted to make amends before she had time to feel his unkindness. His tenderness for her had so much of that pitying love which a strong man feels for a child.