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      "We heard afterwards that she had gone through a form of marriage with a great nobleman, and that she was living in much splendour in England. But we know better. Leon and I had spent our little fortune long ago and sold the farm. After that we had to live by our wits, as you are aware, Signor Prout.

      But patience is generally rewarded. Here was a hiatus after a series of regular dates. The writer had been drinking heavily, somebody had got hold of him, and was detaining him somewhere against his will. He was not allowed to say where he was. His last letter of the series hinted at a possibility of large sums of money.

      "You would be prepared to swear that in a court of law?"

      He would not have it in the scabbard, and when I laid it naked in his hand he kissed the hilt. Charlotte sent Gholson for Ned Ferry. Glancing from the window, I noticed that for some better convenience our scouts had left the grove, and the prisoners had been marched in and huddled close to the veranda-steps, under their heavy marching-guard of Louisianians. One of the blue-coats called up to me softly: "Dying--really?" He turned to his fellows--"Boys, Captain's dying."

      "My dear Smith," said Miss Rothvelt, "keep your trust. But if I part here with these two kind gentlemen--"


      Bruce murmured something. He was too dazed for the moment to speak coherently.


      CHAPTER LIII. FACE TO FACE."Yes? Well, I think that's good."


      "Oh! do you know that too?--and another reason she gives for taking those awful risks is that 'it's the best use she can make of her silly streak'--as if she had any such thing!"