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      For the scene of this narrative please take into mind a wide quarter-circle of country, such as any of the pretty women we are to know in it might have covered on the map with her half-opened fan.

      Esmeralda was placed on the dukes right, and his grace exerted himself to entertain the two ladies as he had not done[133] for years; but after awhile he devoted himself to Esmeralda. He could see her loveliness more distinctly in the soft candle-light, and the Belfayres were quick to appreciate feminine beauty. He noticed, as Lilias had done, the sweetness and clearness of her voice, and her unconventional frankness and candor charmed him. She was not awed for a moment by her surroundingsas it must be confessed Lady Wyndover wasand she talked freely. Trafford heard his fathers rare laugh more than once, and once he saw his grace bend forward, and lay his hand upon Esmeraldas.Lady Wyndover trembled.

      You Dogs Ear men are unlucky, he said. Ive brought the money; but if shes gone you cant claim it.


      Lady Wyndover stared at her.