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      It was David who drew William's attention to the woman sitting at the other end of their seat. David piqued himself on his knowledge of the world.Benjamin had given no one the faintest hint of his plans; indeed for the last two or three weeks his behaviour had been unusually good. Then one morning, when Reuben was at Robertsbridge market, he disappearedHandshut could not find him to take his place in the lambing shed. Rose was angry, for she had wanted young Handshut to hang some curtains for herone cause of disagreement between her and Reuben was her habit of coaxing the farm-hands to do odd jobs about the house.

      De Boteler and his lady, had left Sudley to be present at some festival in London, the day previous to that on which father John was degraded; but, from the firmness he had hitherto shown, the result was anticipated, and Calverley had received orders to arrest the monk on his being dismissed the abbey, and to confine him in the castle, until the baron's return.

      "It's true, then! Oh Lard! it's true!"

      "Welcome," she said, and laughed.

      Chapter 10

      Besides, David and William had come to a dangerous age, they were beginning to form opinions and ideas of[Pg 398] their own, they were beginning to choose their own friends and pastimes. But what Reuben distrusted most was their affection for each other, it was more fundamental to his anxieties than any outside independence. From childhood they had been inseparable, but in past years he had put this down to the common interests of their play, for there were few boys of their own age on the neighbouring farms. But now they were grown up the devotion persistedthey still did everything together, work or play. Reuben knew that they had secrets from him, their union gave him a sense of isolation. They were fond of him, but he was not to them what they were to each other, and his remoteness seemed to grow with the years."But what would ye have put in your own charter, Wat?" again asked Richard, endeavouring to draw the smith's attention from Newton.


      She opened her lips to protest, but the sound died on them, for he stooped and swept her up in his arms. She slipped her hand to his neck to steady herself, and they went forward again towards the south.There was silence, in which a coal fell. She still stood with her arms outstretched; he knew that she was calling himas no woman had ever called himwith all that of herself which was in his heart, part of his own being.



      Reuben faced him with straight lips and dilated nostrils; the boy was now quivering with passion, hatred seemed to have purged him of terror.