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      "Well, you shan't have it. I'll justabout sell the whole lot. You can't prevent me."Your brother tells me you are as devoted to books as he, said Keeling.

      "And do they help you on the farm?"

      "I reckon as how I must be in love."


      Besides, she was lost in the crowd which jigged and clumped around her, not even daunted by the unfamiliar waltz that the hurdy-gurdy struck up next. Nobody, except fanatics, bothered about steps, so one could dance to any tune.


      Mr Keeling passed him this latest acquisition."You've said that afore," said Reuben.


      Yes. I think it does. I dont want to make unpleasantness.Black Jack then buried his face in his hands for some minutes, meditating how he should supply the place of the defunct Beauchamp. In vain he racked his brain; he knew many who would accept the offer, but they were untried.