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      Near a small station oxen were filing slowly past. On their heads were hoops hung with bells, and little ornaments at the tips of their horns dangled with quick flashes of light.

      since he was here. I was just getting sort of acclimated to the

      1. The steam-engine is an agent for utilising the power of heat and applying it to useful purposes.

      They first wanted me to explain what put it into my head to come to Lige, and how I had managed to get there; but as the sisters heard of my empty stomach and my thirty miles, they would not listen to another word before I had put myself round a good square meal.[Pg 89]

      1. A conception of certain functions in a machine, and some definite object which it is to accomplish.


      But now--I shall have a Great Big Worry all the rest of my life.I could not get much information from them. Twenty spoke at the same time; in halting, incoherent words they tried to tell me of their experiences, but I could only catch: killed ... murders ... fire ... guns.... After much trouble I gathered that they came from the villages to the north of Lige, where the Germans had told them35 that on that same day, within an hour, everything would be burned down. Everybody had left these places, a good many had gone to Lige, but these people did not think it safe there either, and wanted to go on to The Netherlands.



      I had already been near Huy, at a time when several burning houses shrouded the whole town in clouds of smoke. On August 24th, at ten o'clock at night, some shots had been fired in the neighbourhood of the viaduct. This was a sign for hundreds of soldiers to begin shooting at random and arrest several persons. Several houses were perforated like sieves by bullets, and an entire street of twenty-eight houses, the Rue du Jardin, was reduced to ashes. No civilians were killed.