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      "Where'd you leave him?" sharply asked Kincaid.

      No. You know her as well as I do. All I could say was of no avail. The poison had entered her mind, her heart: it was hardened against me!Oh! all over the place, said Norman. Australia, New Zealand, and so on.

      He went out after lunch and did not appear until dinner-time. Their dinner was as elaborate a farce as the breakfast and the luncheon, but, alas and alas! they found themselves playing it more easily.

      Varleys hand went to his revolver; but he checked himself, and, with a smile which would have made any man who knew him tremble, raised his hat an inch or two.

      Every man seized a glass, full or empty, and up they went as high as arm could extend them. A mighty roar rose from the packed crowd, while shouts of Esmeraldaour Esmeralda![286] rent the air. The mob seemed mad with pride and delight. Esmeralda had come back. It seemed too good to be true. Men laughed hysterically; Taffy and Bill danced with ecstasy. Men who had been mortal enemies a few minutes ago shook hands and laughed in each others faces. There were some whose eyes were wet. And through all the phases of expression there ran the current of an emotion which shook Three Star to its foundations.Then they saw that Esmeraldas lips were moving, and with exhortations, and even friendly blows, they commanded each other to keep silence.


      [234]Upon that he raised the flag high in one hand, let it balloon to the wind, made a sign of refusal, and all at once poured out a flood of speech--pledges to Anna and her fellow-needlewomen--charges to his men--hopes for the cherished cause--words so natural and unadorned, so practical and soldier-like, and yet so swift, that not a breath was drawn till he had ended. But then what a shout!


      But she said nothing; there was scarcely room for love in her heart, it was so full of pride and an innocent girls resentment and indignation. Perhaps he expected, half hoped, that she would speak, would plead for forgiveness; and he felt in his heart that if she were to do so he must yield and take her back.Norman.


      Norman had been hunting round also, and suddenly he uttered a cry and held something white aloft.