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      You can trust yourself to me, said Madame Cerise, with a mixture of French accent and Irish brogue. I will see that Miss Chetwynde is properly dressed. She is magnificent, superb! she again whispered to Lady Wyndover, as the two ladies took their departure.


      Johnson looked down.

      Esmeralda pouted; but she suffered him to put the jacket on her.

      Lady Wyndover said she didnt mind in the least, and she insisted on his putting her in the back seat. Id rather Esmeralda rode in front, she said. If I can see the horses I am always under the impression they are going to bolt; besides, if theres any wind, youll shelter me.


      At home! At home! My dear child, dont speak of that dreadful place as if it were your home! This is your home, and But therenever mind. I wonder who they were?


      [158]Lady Wyndover, who had not been unobservant, and who was thrilling with satisfaction at Traffords attention to her ward, talked of him nearly all the way home; but Esmeralda was very silent, and only answered in monosyllables; but she thought of him a great deal that night.