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      Again Shorty sent down the bullet screw, and again there was more tearing off of bits, and finally a mangled bill was dragged forth and laid aside for Mandy to repair. "Ike Englehardt sent that to his mother to help take his sister through the Normal School, so's she kin become a teacher. She'll git that all right. But I've broken my bullet screw in that wrastle. It snapped clean off, and I've got the worst job of all now to get out 0 in two 50's that Abe Trelawney sent his mother to meet that mortgage on her little house. Abe's bin savin' it up for months, and I was more anxious about it than any other, and so I put it down first. Si, let me have your bullet-screw."

      As they wound around and over the hills in front, they saw the "reserves," the "grand guard," and finally the pickets with their reserves drawn in, packed up ready for marching, and waiting for their regiments to come up, when they would fall-in.

      "Go down at once to the Provost-Marshal's office and tell Col. Billings to come to Headquarters at once. To come at once, without a moment's delay."

      "Well, that buckboard's done for. I can't take it back. It's only good for kindlin' wood now. But I may ketch the hoss and take him back."

      "You won't fight," he said disdainfully, "except with a gun or a knife, like a bloody Dago. Ye dassent put up yer 'ands like a man."


      A score of shots were fired in obedience, but Si, making his voice ring above the noise, called out:


      The Deacon looked a little regretful at the shrinking of the contents of the kettle, made by taking out the cupful, and said:"Whar' yo see any men in a canoe?" asked the second incredulously.


      The threat of a real boyish thrashing and the cool, matter-of-fact way that Si and Shorty conducted themselvesprecisely as if chopping trees or mowing a fieldsteadied the boys wonderfully.