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      "Yes, if you mean again that--"

      "Oh, Lawd 'a' massy!" moaned a woman."If I were a dove I certainly should," she said.

      "Wouldn't you-all as soon--?" he began, but Constance interrupted:Youd better let Lord Selvainehes one of her guardians, you knowhear you offering that advice. Hed have a fitno, he wouldnt, because nothing ever throws him over; but hed smile and ask me when I thought of going back to my lunatic asylum.

      "My wound--opened again."Her eyes sought his; she seemed to be drawn toward him; she was yielding under the spell of his voice, his eyes, the magnetic power of his love. Then she called all her spirit and her pride to her aid, and faced him.

      The darkness increased the confusionit was difficult to distinguish friend from foeand Varley was just in time to stop the driver from sending a bullet through him by shouting out:

      "At present, you mean?"Yes. For you have loved her as I loved her untiluntil she was false to me.


      "Good-night, all!" cried Hilary, mounting. He wheeled, swung his cap and galloped.Trafford started and gazed at the man fiercely.


      He led her to Esmeralda, who was surrounded by a circle of admirers, and Lady Ada tactfully contrived to get Esmeralda to herself.


      "Missie," sighed Anna's maid, "see Mahs' Chahlie dah? stan'in' on de woodworks o' dat big gun?""You bil-ieve he's that way--Hilary Kincaid?"