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      The carriage drew up at the house, and the footman opened the door. Barker, who had come by train, was on the steps. Esmeralda saw a pretty cottage, with brown beams projecting through the cream-colored stone, and with lattice windows daintily curtained with muslin.

      The man offered no resistance, for he had heard of Esmeralda; and if he had not, there was something in her flashing eyes, and her lips, set resolutely, which would have inspired him with a wholesome fear.Oh, didnt I? he said, modestly. It was a very nice letter, in the most beau-ti-ful language, intimating that I and Taffy, and the rest of us, were the saviors of our country, or something to that effect. MacGrath wanted to have it framed and stuck up in the Eldorado, and so I took it away from him and put it where it couldnt do any damagein the fire. The boys are quite vain enough already; if that letter were left lying around theyd want to build a church, or a jail, or some highfalutin institution of that kind.

      The two friends rode to a corner, turned into Poydras Street, crossed Magazine and Tchoupitoulas and presently, out from among the echoing fronts of unlighted warehouses, issued upon the wide, white Levee.

      The woman at the cottage received them in the manner at which Esmeralda had not yet ceased to marvel, and got some bread and butter and tea for them. Esmeralda, as she ate a hearty lunch, talked with her in her usual frank, pleasant way, and as usual won her heart, so that even the marquis himself seemed to be relegated to a back seat. Esmeralda shook hands with her hostess on leaving, and the woman was so touched by Esmeraldas beauty and frankness that the tears came into her eyes.

      De ladies loves de ladies' man.


      Mirth, wait thou other whiles,


      Constance smiled: "Do you?"


      The rider could not wait. The police were pressing back the jubilant masses, swarms of ladies on the rear forms were standing up, and Flora, still seated, had leaned down beamingly and was using every resource of voice and fan to send him some word through the tumult of plaudits and drums. He spurred close. In a favoring hush--drum-corps inviting the band--she bent low and with an arch air of bafflement tried once more, but an outburst of brazen harmonies tore her speech to threads. Suddenly--You mean that you do not care for me? he asked, almost humbly.