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      The whole business was easily settled. Captain Hulbert was the only person who regretted the change. He had been a month at San Remo, a month of summer idleness in February and March, a month of summer sails on an azure sea; of mountain walks and rides, high up from stage to stage, until the region of lemon groves and olive woods gave place to the pines on the loftier hills. He had been able to spend all his days in Allegra's society.I couldnt do it! he said. Id rather stop here till I died!

      Oh, said Norman, vaguely, hes tallnot too talland what you women call graceful; all muscle, and not an ounce of fat. He can knock a man down with a straight one from the shoulder.If Bergan did not understand what an illumination the presence of Miss Lyte threw over her work, he was fully conscious that her work shed a transfiguring light over her. The face under the whispering oak boughs was not the same as this in the studio. That had been simply bright and mobile, with a spice of espiglerie; this was all alight and astir with genius. Miss Lyte's very hand partook of the transformation. Bergan had happened to notice its symmetrical shape, as revealed by a careless gesture, at their first meeting; but he now decided that it was not so much its beauty which had attracted his attention, as a certain peculiarity of delicate energy and adroitness, which ought of itself to have suggested its artistic skill.

      "Well, what?" said Bergan.

      "Oh yes, he was particularly courteous. I have no reason for disliking him. He is my Dr. Fellthe reason why I cannot tell, but I would walk a mile to avoid meeting him."

      How do you do, my dear? she inquired, and she looked at the fresh loveliness of the young face with a growing surprise and astonished admiration.CHAPTER XIX.

      The men did not sit long over their wine. The doctor and his host talked agriculture, Mr. Crowther discussing all farming operations upon a large scale as became a man of territorial magnitude. The vicar prosed about an approaching lecture at the schoolroom, and utterly failed in hearing anything that was said in reply to his observations. Colonel Disney smoked a cigarette in silence, and with a moody brow.

      [19]"Why did you not tell me?" he asked.


      Astra looked at her friend half sadly, half-wonderingly. "Let no one trust your gentle, innocent look, Carice," said she; "you are a sharp-sighted critic, and as severe as you are sharp-sighted."


      "I hope you are not serious," replied Bergan, gravely. "I should be sorry to think that any manmuch less a man with your talent, culture, and opportunities for benefiting his fellowscould be satisfied with so poor an ambition as that."