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      Pen schooled herself to patience. "If Mr. Riever is really in earnest my going away will not make any difference ... It's said to be a very good move," she added slyly.He waited awhile for the borrower to return the tool, but as he did not, he gathered up a load of wood and carried it up to the cabin.

      blessing. For this, God be prazed and magnified forever.""Take him away!" Riever cried furiously.

      Si and Shorty looked at one another.

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      "What's up?" he said to the guard, with a perceptible tremor in his voice.


      "When they asked me what I'd got to say in my own defense I told 'em the truth, and said that I'd come down here to visit my son, who they all knowed they must know Si Klegg. o' the 200th Injianny Volunteers, who was an officer, and had a house with a tin roof.