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      I ought to, Larry also advanced, rather sheepishly. I tackled you the day you floated the dory out to the cracked-up seaplane.I agree with Sandy, Miss Serena declared. It was a very fine thing

      I think we found the life preserver that they might have had on board the seaplane all the time. And the other onewe never thought of the yachts name being painted on its own things. So we took it for granted that we had the real hiding place.


      They did not understand, of course, that poor Belgium would have liked nothing better than to remain neutral also.124

      He was mentally going over the seemingly unbreakable deadlock.

      They wont be any good, with that burst tirehell have to set down in water anyhow, Dick explained. Sandy nodded.



      I succeeded in laying my hands on an original copy of a proclamation that ought not to have been posted before the following day. I took the document with me to The Netherlands, and it is of special interest, because in it the Germans admit to have tyrannised the people, and to have not only burned Louvain, but also ransacked the town. The proclamation had been drawn up in concert with the German authorities and was approved by them. It was in French and in Flemish, and read as follows:


      To air pilots, of course, there is plenty of excitement.