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      "Aye," said Calverley, with a smileif the curve of a bloodless lip could be so designated"aye, you name her rightly, Byles: she is a fox, and like a fox shall she die,hunteddriventortured. Byles, have you never heard it said that this woman was a witch?"

      "'Tis so, steward," returned Black Jack, speaking in his usually self-confident tone;"I dare say you do think it strange that a man should steal into this castle, and hide himself for two or three hours, on purpose to scare you out of your wits; but it was not to threaten, or frighten you either, I have come."

      Reuben prowled up and down the streets of booths, grinned scornfully at the efforts in the shooting gallery, watched a very poor fight in the boxing tent, had a drink of beer and a meat pie, and came to the conclusion that the Fair had gone terribly to pieces since his young days.

      It was true that her young men were not always on the spot when she wanted them most, but on these occasions she used the drover Handshut, a comely, well-set-up young fellow, of independent manners. Reuben more than once had to drive him out of the kitchen.So you are back too, Thomas, she said, and what a pity you did not get back sooner. Lord Inverbroom has just called, and left a note for you. I wonder you did not see him in the Cathedral, for he went to service there. I said you always took a walk on Sunday morning after service, so sooner than wait, he wrote a note for you. Oh, you have it in your hand. What a curious handwriting his is: I should have thought a spider from the ink-pot could have done better than that, but no doubt you will be able to make it out. Of course I asked him to stop to lunch, for whether we are alone or expect company, Im sure my table is good enough for anybody. Alice will not be here: she has gone to lunch with Mr Silverdale.{241}

      "You are a leader of the rebels?" interrogated Sudbury.


      Farewell to Jane and Caroline!"


      There was a good deal of dignity in this reply: it sprang from a feeling that Lord Inverbroom was perfectly competent to appreciate.


      HERD OF BUFFALOES MOVING. HERD OF BUFFALOES MOVING."Poor babe! it was a sad night I laid ye there," said Holgrave, bending over the grave, and looking earnestly at the little corpse; and then kneeling down, he attempted to raise one of the hands, but it dropped crumbling from his touch.