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      "Forgive me," said Astra, penitently. "Of course I never really distrusted your motives; I only fancied that my duty to my mother could not be affected by them."

      He took out his purse, and laid a folded bank-note on the table. He expected that she would not look at it, until after he had gone, but she immediately took it up, opened it, and tendered it back to him.That there Rosebud is a-getting mighty fractious. Yesterday he jawed me something fearful because I wouldnt let him get up and go out to the camp. I reckon hes getting better. Mens always like that when theyre on the mend. The Rosebud shied a tumbler at Taffy yesterday when he said hed better lie there another day. Hes always asking after you, Ralda. Seems mighty curious about you altogether.

      "Nor against any one, I hope," replied Carice, coaxingly. "Oh, uncle, ought not this long feud to cease?"

      Astra looked after him, for a moment, and then glanced smilingly at her mother.


      She sighed as her thoughts recurred to the letter received to-day. Six months, or perhaps even a year, before he was to come back to her! Yet the letter had not been without hopefulness. He had the prospect of getting his next step before that year was over, and then his coming home would be a final return. He would be able to retire, and he would buy some landa hundred acres or soand breed horsesone of his youthful dreamsand do a little building, perhaps, to enlarge and beautify the Angler's Nest, and his Isola should have a pair of ponies and a good saddle-horse. He looked forward to a life of unalloyed happiness.


      Rising, at last, Rue turned to Bergan, and made him a low, reverential courtesy."Yes, I think it must."


      She had thrown off her hat a little while before, and now she took it up, and straightened the loops of ribbon with a nervous touch here and there, and then put the hat on again,[Pg 265] and arranged the gossamer veil, which she hoped might hide her swollen eyelids and tear-stained cheeks."Yes, as I love him. He is first in the world for me. Dear as my child is, Martin must always be first."


      She had guessed as much. Who else would speak with authority in that place? She dimly recalled a photograph, pale and faded, of a tall man in a yeomanry uniform, seen in somebody's album; and the face of the photograph had been the same elongated oval facewith long thin nose, and dark eyes a shade too near togetherwhich was looking down at her now.