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      "The other rebel spies got very jealous of me because I was promoted over them, unt they laid all sorts of plans to trip me up. They came awful near catching me several times, but I was too smart for them, unt could outwit them whenever I got a pointer as to what they were up to. Once they watched me go to a hollow sycamore tree, which I used as a postoffice for Jim Jones to get the things I wanted to send to General Rosecrans. They found there maps I had made at Shelbyville, with the positions of the rebel un Yankee forces unt the fortifications all shown."Have yo' had enough, Jeff Hackberry," inquired Mrs. Bolster, "or will yo' obleege me to gouge yer other eye out afore yo' come to yer senses?"

      "What's your name? Where are you from? What are you doing down here? What do you want?" inquired the Provost, scanning him critically.

      "Corporal Klegg," said the Captain, "take five men off the left of the company and go in and see what's in there.""We ought to have a Bible by rights," said Tom.232

      The horse gave him a glad whinney of recognition, as if congratulating him on escaping from the crash of matter.



      "So, Bos! H'ist, Lady! H'ist up, you measly heifer!"


      Presently an Aid came galloping along the middle of the road, calling upon the men to make way for him. His horse's hoofs threw the mud in every direction, and Si caught a heavy spatter directly in his face.